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Exploring Kenya's Healthcare Landscape 

In a mission to deepen our understanding of the healthcare system and connect with end users, we embarked on an illuminating trip to Kenya. With our sights set on forging new partnerships and conducting future pilot studies, we left no stone unturned as we engaged with NGOs, Ministries of Health, ho...

Peter Ward
29.05.23 10:35 AM - Comment(s)
Enaiblers AB acquires AI-based Digital Pathology Technology from Johnson & Johnson
We are thrilled to announce the launch of Enaiblers, a social enterprise, with a vision to improve global health equity by empowering communities with affordable AI-based diagnostics.
Peter Ward
30.01.23 05:35 AM - Comment(s)
AI-Digital Pathology in the context of the the WHO Target Product Profiles 

In a recent publication, we conducted a systematic analysis of the World Health Organization's target product profile (TPP) for soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) to inform the development of a user requirement specification (URS) for an AI-DP solution.

The WHO's TPPs outline the minimal and ideal ...

Peter Ward
22.12.22 10:24 PM - Comment(s)
PLoS Neglected - AI-DP Proof of Concept

We are thrilled to announce the publication of our research in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Our study showcases the development of an early prototype, affordable artificial intelligence-based digital pathology device for the detection of soil-transmitted helminths and Schistosoma mansoni eggs i...

Peter Ward
29.09.22 09:02 PM - Comment(s)